Digital Marketing Course In Mumbai

We at MCTA offer the most Advanced Industry Oriented Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai. We take pride to say that we have trained more than 10,000 plus students across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Master Program in Digital Marketing is designed to help students, working professionals & entrepreneurs develop 360 degree skill sets in Digital Marketing across 12 core modules. The objective of this advance Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai is to allow each participant learn various methods to manage a brand or product online leveraging various platforms in digital marketing thus creating a strong online presence for the brand.

The course includes 80 hours of intensive classroom training with practicals.

Ideal for Freshers, Working Professionals, Marketing & Sales Professionals, Digital Marketing Professionals and Business Owners, MCTA’s Master Program in Digital Marketing is focused on the practical and active learning to build key competencies in Digital Marketing with most

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essential subjects allowing greater understanding in this field.

We have three centers across Mumbai at key locations in Andheri, Ghatkopar and Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Through our Digital Marketing course in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, we aim to produce quality Digital Marketing professionals so that we can bridge the gap between demand and supply.

Digital Marketing Course In Navi Mumbai, Vashi

MCTA is a premium Digital Marketing Institute which provides practical training in Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai, Vashi. Our branch at Vashi is conveniently located

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right opposite the railway station in Haware Infotech Park.

This is NOT a technical course and hence is suited for individuals from any kind of educational background. A typical batch at MCTA consists of college graduates and freshers, working professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Our course syllabus is tailored in such a way that it is not just any

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course, it is an Industry- based Advance Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai. It has the right mix of theoretical and practical training which will help you become best digital marketing freelancers, professionals or consultants to a company in no time.

Visit the nearest digital marketing Navi Mumbai branch of MCTA for a one-to-one counseling session. This might be the best decision you make which will boost your career

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to new heights. You may also call us and schedule a Demo Session.